Jimmy Dell, Evangelist

Jimmy has devoted his life, his heart and talents to sharing the love of Jesus Christ. His God-given anointed preaching, music and his ability to communicate the Good News has sustained his ministry for over 50 years.

His biography, published a few years ago, tells of the joys and hardships of growing up in a large family; in a small home in a desert town and only with the care of a Godly mother. Jimmy's dad died while at work in an industrial accident. They were a loving family. Everyone learned to play an instrument and attendance every Sunday at church was understood.

In his teenage years, though he stuttered and had crossed eyes, Jimmy was so good at the piano and singing. His venture in show business quickly took off. He traveled with the best in concerts, television and records.

Then one day, due to a praying mother, family and the Holy Spirit, God got ahold of Jimmy. He gave his life to Christ. God has used Jimmy in countless revival services, camp meetings and evangelistic outreach. We praise the Lord for what He has done!